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Navigate the intricate world of corporate leadership with strategic insights tailored for executives at the top. Whether you're dealing with organizational transformation, mergers, or high-stakes decisions, Patience is here to guide you to triumph.

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You're on the edge of greatness. With Patience's coaching, transition from a high-achieving professional to an industry leader. Discover tools to refine your skills, strategies to break barriers, and the mentorship to shine brilliantly in your domain.

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The world sees your brilliance. But behind the scenes, challenges await. Beyond the spotlight lies the influence of your legacy. Navigate risks, ensure your impact, and let the steps you take fortify the impression you leave on every life you touch.

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Audiobook of the Month

Listen to Fluency and Finance: Mastering the Language of Wealth & Legacy by Patience Rose

Navigating the financial landscape can feel like deciphering a foreign tongue, but it doesn't have to be. "Fluency in Finance" serves as your guiding compass, transforming financial jargon into actionable wisdom.This book isn't just about numbers and balance sheets. Instead, it paints the larger picture of wealth creation, connecting the dots between abstract concepts and tangible tools. It demystifies money's intricacies, revealing its potential as more than mere currency but as a vibrant language of its own. "Fluency in Finance" is more than a financial guide-it's a transformative journey. Dive in, and emerge with the skills to shape your financial future, viewing wealth and freedom not as distant dreams but achievable realities. When you're fluent in finance, you don't just count money; you harness its full symphony.

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Sep 03, 2023

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About Patience Rose

Patience Rose is an accomplished CEO, international author, speaker, certified Business Advisor, Corporate Tax Advisor, and Liveplan Strategic Advisor with a proven track record of success. She holds an MBA and an MS degree in a highly sought after communications field. Currently pursuing an MS in Taxation, Patience is certified in a myriad coaching areas. These include: Professional Development, Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Spiritual Life, Goal Success, ART Therapy, Music Therapy, Entrepreneurship, and Business Etiquette.

Patience turns complex concepts into strategic approach using proven methods to help you escalate your personal, professional, and business value no matter your end game.


"As a current client, I am here to let others know there is no substitute for a dedicated, business coaching service like RED Worldwide. ...Not an MBA, not 4 years of attempting to startup and scale a business on your own, not even triple the number of meetings with SBDC and SCORE advisors. If you are looking to 10x the valuation of your company, start by taking their Value Builder assessment. The guidance of our coach, Patience Rose, is priceless."

- Bill Bescript, CEO / Inventor

"Patience has a wealth of resources to use to enlighten RED clients. Her previous product development experiences serve as guideposts for new inventors. At each stage of the process, I am directed to take the next steps to establish my business. I no longer feel like I am on a road leading to nowhere. I know I would not have progressed as quickly without the support of Patience Rose and Red Worldwide."

- Carla D. Jones, CEO / Inventor

"Patience & RED Worldwide changed my life! I'm incredibly thankful. Patience helped me transform my dream into a tangible reality. I've expanded my backyard mutual aid project into a multi-chapter, global nonprofit under Patience's guidance. Her ability to break down complex structures and procedures into understandable processes is amazing. I'm so thankful I opted to build with RED."

- Mike Sierra, CEO / Franchisor

VALUE Academy

Take control of your future with these comprehensive business courses.

The Living Business Plan

Learn how to use LivePlan with existing accounting software such as Quickbooks or XERO to create accurate probability metrics.


Productize Your Services

Service companies were the worst hit by the pandemic. Learn 8 ways to turn your services into products and repossess lost ground.


Standard Operating Procedures

Learn how to keep the need for control from choking your company's progress.


The Automatic Customer

This emerging subscription economy offers huge opportunities to companies that know how to turn customers into subscribers.